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Dr. Maruthesh Gowda one of the most experiences laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgeon with experience of 18 years, with 10 years working experience in The United Kingdom.Professional QualificationAfter completing MBBS at Davangere from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Health Sciences (RGUHS) he completed PLAB to pursue higher surgical training in the NHS in the United Kingdom. He was then awarded MRCS by RCPS, Edinbugh, after successfully completing his training in Laparoscopic and Gastro-Intestinal surgery. This was followed by super specialty training in Bariatric (Weight loss) and Gastro-intestinal Cancer surgery & Proctology. He was then awarded FRCS by RCPS, Edinburgh.

Expertise Dr. Maruthesh Gowda is an expert in the field of Laparoscopic Surgery for gallstones and offers laparoscopic cholecytectomy, Single port laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and Laparoscopic Bileduct exploration for Bileduct stones.He has vast experience in all kinds of hernia (Inguinal/Femoral/Umbilical/Epigastric/ Incisional). He offers open surgery, laparoscopic surgery – Extraperitoneal method and intraperitoneal method.For appendicitis he offers laparoscopic Appendicitis, open appendicectomy and single port appendicectomy.

He is an expert at Laparoscopic Fundoplication for GERD/Acid reflux and Laparoscopic Cardiomyotomy for Achalasia CardiaHe is also a specialist in performing the entire range of Bariatric surgical procedures (Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, Roux En Y Gastric Bypass, Duodeal Switch, Ileal Interposition) and Endoscopic Intra-Gastric Balloon deployment for Obesity.He is also an expert in the field of Proctology offering treatment for all the conditions including Haemorrhoids (Piles), Fissure, Fistula and Pilonidal sinus. He has wealth of experience in medical and surgical treatment of these conditions. He is pioneer in LASER Surgery for all the proctology conditions.For haemorroids treatment he offers different procedures likes Laser Haemorrhoidectomy, stapled haemorroidopexy, haemorroidal artery ligation, haemorroidal banding.

For fistula he not only offers traditional laying open he also offers LASER Fistulectomy, VAAFT (Video-assisted anal fistula treatment) for complex fistula.For Fissure he offers injection, LASER Lateral Sphincterotomy, Advancement flap and traditional Lateral Sphincterotomy.He is accomplished in Gastro Intestinal cancer surgeon offering both Laparoscopic and open procedures for cancers of Gastro-intestinal track (Oesophagus, Stomch, Colon, Rectum, Anal Canal, Pancreas & Bile duct)Beyond being doctorFamily man who is a keen weekend agriculturist at farm near Lepakshi (AP). He has learnt art of organic farming where he is growing Mango/Coconut/Lemon/Aracunt/Jamun Fruit/Tamrind/Amla/Jack Fruit

Supreetha Vijayakumar BSC (Health Science), MBA (Hospital Management)

Supreetha Vijayakumar BSC (Health Science), MBA (Hospital Management) has also been in The United Kingdom for 10 years and has first hand experience of the working of the NHS in The United Kingdom.

She aims to improve the patient experience through seamless movement paper work before surgery. She and her team aim to make experience at the hospital chosen by the patient hassle free and reduce stress on the patient and family during the difficult and stressful times while making sure high quality care is given.

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